tiktok likes hack
TikTok likes hack

How to obtain more TikTok likes in 2021?

Do you want to learn how to obtain more TikTok likes in 2021? We’ve compiled a list of the 13 most practical TikTok likes hacks to assist you in gaining more views. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of some of the best TikTok likes hacks.

TikTok, also known as Douyin in China, is a video-focused social networking service owned by ByteDance. It features a wide range of short-form user videos, ranging in length from 15 seconds to three minutes, in categories such as pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dancing, and entertainment. TikTok is the international version of Douyin, which was first introduced in September 2016 in China.

Outside of mainland China, TikTok was launched in 2017 for iOS and Android in most markets; however, it was only available internationally after combining with another Chinese social media service, Musical.ly, on August 2, 2018.

Although TikTok and Douyin have nearly identical user interfaces, they do not have access to each other’s content. Their servers are all located in the local market where the app is offered. Although the two products are comparable, they do not have the same features.

Douyin has an in-video search option that allows you to look for additional videos of people using their faces, as well as other capabilities like buying, reserving hotels, and leaving geo-tagged reviews. TikTok/Douyin has quickly gained popularity in East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the United States, Turkey, Russia, and other regions of the world since its introduction in 2016. TikTok had over 2 billion smartphone downloads worldwide as of October 2020.

After Zoom and Peacock, Morning Consult selected TikTok as the third fastest-growing brand in 2020. TikTok announced in September 2021 that it has achieved 1 billion users.

How does TikTok work?

Getting started with TikTok

TikTok’s main feature is that it allows users to record videos of themselves lip-syncing, dancing, or acting out sketches. Videos (or TikToks) can be as short as 15 seconds, but they can also connect many clips for a total recording time of up to 60 seconds. TikTok recently increased the time limit for most users to three minutes. Longer videos recorded outside of the app can also be uploaded.

TikTok also includes video editing and personalization features. Users can add songs, effects, filters, and sound bites to their videos from a library. They can even “duet” with someone by responding to a video, resulting in a split-screen and an infinite number of reactions.

They can even lip-sync and add their own noises to another user’s video.

Getting around TikTok

Let’s have a look at how to use the app.

When you first start TikTok, you’ll see a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Each of the following five pages in the app contains a shortcut:

Home: You can choose between the two feeds – Following and For you.

Discover: Mostly displays TikTok videos that have been tagged with a popular hashtag.

Make a video: The record screen appears, where you can record a video.

Inbox: Displays all action on your videos in one place. (To access DMs, tap the Envelope.)

Your profile is visible to both you and other users. Parts of it can be made private.

Watching TikTok videos

In a word, TikTok videos appear vertically on your screen, similar to Vine or Instagram videos. You can use “hearts” to communicate with them “, which are synonymous with “likes.” When you launch the TikTok app after downloading it, you’ll see curated featured videos on the “for you” tab “a page You may go to the “following” page to see videos from people you’ve chosen to follow, whether they’re friends or famous TikTok users.

Swipe up on the screen or press Home on either tab to watch more fresh videos. You may also search for videos using keywords and hashtags by tapping Discover (the magnifying glass icon next to the home button). You can pause videos by tapping on the screen.

To access a user’s profile, check to the right for their icon. On the right, you’ll see the amount of “hearts” and comments the video has received, as well as other information.

Note: You may watch TikTok videos without having to create an account. However, in order to interact with other users and post videos, you must first create an account.

TikTok video creation

When you’re ready to start making your own video, go to the bottom of the page and click the Create video button (plus sign), then press the record button. While this appears to be a simple task, it necessitates a great deal of effort. If you look for TikTok video tutorials on YouTube, you’ll notice how time-consuming the process may be for most individuals. That’s because you can find sounds, effects, and filters to utilize before you even start recording.

You can also save a video as a draft for later posting. Simply tap the Create Video icon to start recording and editing a video, and then tap Next when you’re finished. Tap Drafts from the video posting page.

We recommend checking out TikTok Support for more step-by-step lessons on how to shoot and edit videos with TikTok. Pocket-lint also has a handy TikTok tips and tricks guide.

TikTok likes

TikTok sprang into our lives, bringing with it a new surge of enthusiasm. It has also provided new avenues for creative individuals to express themselves through short videos.

Nonetheless, TikTok began to experience the same difficulties in developing your account as many other famous social networking platforms. Thousands of creators and millions of videos make it easy to become lost. Internal algorithms prefer to support accounts with a large number of fans and likes. To make your material stand out from the crowd, you’ll need an initial boost.

Having more TikTok likes has a number of advantages!!

Everyone appears to want more likes on their social media posts. Here’s why you might want to increase your TikTok likes.

Popularity is based on how many people like something. Likes are the foundation of all social media networks. Facebook likes are the first step in growing your fan base.

Many comments are frequently followed by a large number of YouTube likes. If you want to grow your account on TikTok for personal or professional reasons, you’ll need this foundation as well.

• TikTok appreciates it when you use it to express yourself. You’ll be able to tell which route to take your next posts after you understand what makes your audience happy.

• Sponsors and business partners pay attention to the number of likes. Many businesses are looking for new and creative ways to boost the popularity of their products and services. They’d be delighted to use your stuff for this but naturally, they prefer collaborating with popular accounts. 

• Likes open up new possibilities. Whether you’re building your personal brand or using TikTok to promote a business, you’ll want to reach out to as many people as possible. They will remember your face/name or your product/service if they enjoy your content.

Note:- Successful TikTok accounts will automatically draw offers from outside the platform. It’s almost as if you’re growing your Linkedin contacts.

• TikTok likes to bring attention to your other online initiatives. Being visible on as many platforms as possible is always a smart idea for an online personality.


How To Get More Likes On TikTok – Best TikTok Likes Hack

tiktok likes hack
tiktok likes hack

Instead of likes or follows, the amount of views on TikTok is what matters most. According to the TikTok distribution methodology, your videos will most likely be seen by viewers who are not your fans but enjoy videos that are related to your style. As a result, this is a fantastic opportunity for people who wish to get fame on TikTok. The following methods will help you to tik tok likes hack:

1. The most straightforward option is to purchase TikTok likes.

Buying TikTok likes is one of the easiest and safest ways to increase the number of people who like your videos and make them go viral on TikTok.

It’s the same as asking all of your friends to like your film as soon as you finish it, and the results may be rather impressive if you have thousands of friends. Because most people do not have a large number of friends, you may simply elect to purchase TikTok likes from a reputable service to expedite the process.

2. User Interaction That Is Active

It’s easy to discover that influencers in a particular realm enjoy shooting videos together. Why? We discovered that interacting with people results in more free TikTok followers, likes, and views.

You can acquire feedback from his or her audience in this fashion, and vice versa. This is a very practical and popular method among influencers. Here are two practical ways to go about it:

A. Tagging others

The easiest and most straightforward method is to tag a buddy who has a similar level of popularity to you. Gather your audience and instruct them on how to connect with one another. You might even tag celebrities or respond to your audience’s previous comments. According to the comparable statistics, we estimate that the number of views will grow by at least 20%.

B. Produce videos in collaboration with others

On TikTok, this is also a clever and feasible method. People will come to shoot the video to finish it if you can make a co-production video. It does, however, necessitate a high level of popularity. If you are not a TikTok influencer, you could participate in a co-production video, which would bring you a lot of views.

This type of collaboration might also help you gain more TikTok followers. They could be a devoted audience for you.

3. Emerge As A Powerful User

TikTok is a little different than Snapchat or Instagram in that you are formally urged to do weird things since everyone is looking for the same thing. As a result, being a ‘first-time-lucky user’ isn’t a big concern, but if you want to impress a larger audience, you’ll need to establish yourself as someone who understands what he’s doing and how well.

4. Make Appropriate Use of Hashtags

tiktok likes free
tiktok likes free

Using hashtags is a practical and clever solution. It’s your legitimate opportunity to assist you to gain more TikTok views. First, we’ll need to figure out how TikTok handles hashtags. Hashtags make it simple to group your films into a single category.

For one thing, the TikTok algorithm can more precisely recommend your films to targeted audiences; for another, users may quickly locate your video by searching the hashtags on the “For You” tab.

It is important to note, however, that hashtags should not be overused. In the captions, you must include appropriate hashtags. If you use too many irrelevant hashtags, you risk being accused of hashtag stacking, as well as receiving more views.

It takes effort to pinpoint your style and select appropriate hashtags. You must also continue to hone your judgment and experience abilities.

5. Make Changes To Your Profile To Make It More Attractive

To acquire more likes on TikTok, you don’t just have to post entertaining videos to get onto the ForYou page. When someone watches and enjoys one of your videos, it’s natural for them to want to look at your profile. If people notice that you have a disorganized profile with a boring bio and a low-effort profile photo, their view of you will undoubtedly shift.

As a result, make sure you choose an appealing username and avatar (there is a video version if you want to be cooler). Keep in mind that the number of words in your bio should not be excessive. Just a couple of sentences about yourself, a few emojis here and there, and a link to your Instagram or YouTube account will suffice.

6. Jump On Trends, But Put Your Own Touch On Them 

AKA, do that popular dance or video concept but give it your own spin to make it your own. If you’re a small creator, you’ll want to balance popular videos with original stuff.

7. Select Only High-Definition Audio Tracks

Experimenting is fine, but don’t sacrifice the quality of the soundtracks that your material will be built on. To begin, select only popular songs with dialogue related to the genre you will be working on. However, if you want to improve the seeing and listening experience, give it a good audio quality. If you’re seeking a quick fix, SocioBlend sells TikTok Fans for a reasonable price.

8. It’s Difficult To Ignore High-Quality Videos

If you can get the video filmed with a high-end camera, that’s ideal, but if that’s not possible, make sure the video’s background noise is entirely muted and all of the focus is on the background music that’s in rhythm with the video you’ll submit. It’s all about providing the audience with a complete entertainment experience that includes music, video, and fun.

9. Post At Appropriate Times

Posting at the right moments, as with other social media platforms, is beneficial. It’s not as critical as it is on Instagram, but uploading around peak hours will help your videos receive more views faster, which leads to more TikTok followers.

Early in the morning, mid-afternoon, or late at night are the best times to post because this is when people are most likely to be looking at their phones (morning commutes, afternoon lulls, on the couch, etc.)

This will necessitate some experimentation on your behalf. There are currently no viable techniques for predicting appropriate posting times in social networking networks. Thankfully, Tiktok’s built-in services provide some insight about when YOUR audience is online. When your Tiktok fans are on the app, make a post!

10. Use TikTok To keep Up With The Latest Trends

free likes on tiktok
free likes on tiktok

At any one time, trends reflect the most popular subjects on TikTok. The official signals are the ones that show us what is going to become popular. Many data suggest that we should take advantage of these opportunities.

Many TikTok users become famous as a result of a single viral video. You may even base your film on trends from other platforms, such as Twitter or Google. It’s also simple to get more views on TikTok.

11. To Get More Likes, Do Duets And Collaborate With Other Creators

One of TikTok’s most engaging features is duets. Making a duet does not need much work and can quickly get you noticed. Use the relevant hashtags while duetting with another influencer, and make sure you’re duetting with a famous video and showing off your greatest reaction. (Camera, lights, action!)

As mentioned before, collaborations can also help you obtain more TikTok likes. To your followers and others, it helps you appear more engaging and fun. A collaborative video can sometimes outperform an original video in terms of popularity.

12. Continue To Request Feedback And Reciprocate

how to get free likes on tiktok
how to get free likes on tiktok

It’s critical to get feedback from your audience. You should keep up with the latest trends and what consumers are expecting from it. Respond to all of the comments and compliments you receive on the post; users love it when you respond to their concerns.

13. Third-Party Apps

There are some apps that can provide free TikTok likes and Tik Tok followers free without human verification or with human verification. You can search for them on search engines. Hope they may help you out. We will try to provide them if we can get their list.


We have arrived at the end of this article about TikTok likes hack. It is not difficult to gain more likes on TikTok with the appropriate method, and you no longer need to be concerned about which approach to use. Simply make a mental note of these suggestions and put them to good use. If you have any tips to add on how to get more TikTok followers, share your comments with us.