There are a few ways you could go with to reset your Instagram explore page, with the most straightforward one being erasing your search history.

To do this, go to Profile -> Settings -> Clear Search History. Once you’ve done this, your Instagram account should have a clean slate and be reset.

To ensure all the data is deleted, go to your phone’s Settings -> Applications -> Instagram -> Clear Cache and Data. This will delete all the data stored about Instagram on your phone and it will appear as if you’ve just downloaded the Instagram app for the first time.

Another option lies inside the Instagram app itself.

If you see a post you don’t particularly like, you can click on ‘Options’ next to the post (three dots). Click ‘See Fewer Posts Like This’ to let Instagram know you’re not a fan of that particular type of content. Instagram will adapt the feed it provides you with and you should hopefully be more comfortable with the content presented to you moving forward.

You can follow these steps to change/reset your explore page in INSTAGRAM

Step 1

After selecting an image from the explore menu, Tap the three dots(as shown in picture)

Step 2:-

Step 3

Do this for as many images as possible and you are done!

After this, you will stop getting images from that account and similar accounts in your explore page.

Hope this helps!

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