Introduction to MyDigi App

Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia has introduced the new and improved MyDigi app, a single platform that offers Digi customers an enhanced user experience. This app serves as an efficient tool for managing your Digi mobile account, be it prepaid or postpaid phone & broadband plans. Using this app, you can conveniently pay and track your mobile bills, view your data usage, purchase Internet packages, and avail exclusive rewards and deals across the country.

DigiApp - Astro Chiva

Making Payments and Topping Up Prepaid Credits

The MyDigi app eliminates the need to visit a physical Digi store by offering a hassle-free bill payment service. With a few taps, you can settle your bills from wherever you are. The app allows you to access and download your past and current billing statements, ensuring you can monitor and keep track of your mobile expenses easily.

The MyDigi app also comes in handy when you’re running low on prepaid credits or if your prepaid plan is nearing its end. With a simple top-up & reload option, you can ensure uninterrupted communication with your loved ones. Plus, the quantity of online prepaid reload you opt for provides additional Internet data, call time, and credits, making MyDigi an effective tool for saving time and money.

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Support for Friends and Family

The MyDigi app lets you help your friends and family by allowing you to manage their accounts, including bill payments or reloads. You can add their accounts to your favorites list and begin assisting them through the app.

Track Your Mobile Data Usage

DigiApp - Astro Chiva

The MyDigi app allows users to track their mobile data consumption effortlessly. Displayed on the home screen, it showcases your data quota and usage side by side, providing a clear picture of your Internet data consumption and remaining balance. Additionally, it displays the remaining days until the data quota resets or expires.

Enhanced Internet Access and International Roaming Passes

If your current mobile data plan doesn’t suffice, the MyDigi app allows you to top up and buy Internet add-ons, customizing your plan to your needs and budget. These add-ons cater to different user requirements, from basic Internet access to heavier data usage for entertainment like gaming, music, and videos. You can avail of these through the ‘Buy Add-Ons’ tab on the home screen or the ‘Box of Surprise’ section, featuring offers uniquely tailored to each customer.

When traveling abroad, ensure you have a reliable Internet connection by booking an international roaming pass in advance through the app.

MyDigi Rewards & Deals

MyDigi users can avail of exclusive rewards and promotions through the app. A variety of deals from numerous merchants are accessible across various categories like food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, travel, beauty, and wellness. These can be accessed and redeemed via the app’s ‘Shop’ page.

Customer Support

Facing issues with your Digi account? Use the live chat feature to speak with a representative. This service is available from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., ensuring you can always get the help you need.

Digi Fibre Home & Broadband Internet Connection

The MyDigi app provides information on your fiber internet and broadband connection data usage and internet consumption. It also allows you to pay your bills. New users can sign up to receive a free WiFi router and enjoy unlimited Internet & savings with Digi!

Learn more about the MyDigi app by visiting Embrace a new, enhanced app experience with MyDigi today!